The Arts Politic

THE ARTS POLITIC is a print-and-online magazine dedicated to solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics. Cultural policy, arts activism, political art, the creative economy–THE ARTS POLITIC creates a conversation amongst leaders, activists, and idea-makers along the pendulum of global civic responsibility. A forum for creative and political thinking, a stage for emerging art, and a platform for social change, THE ARTS POLITIC provides a space that is intelligent, that is visionary, that is thoughtful, that will
TAP new ideas from the frontlines to get things done.


Danielle Kline and Jasmine Mahmoud are the co-founders of THE ARTS POLITIC, and Jasmine Mahmoud is the editor. The magazine was founded in 2009, and published two issues, accessible below.




The Arts Politic Issue 2: Bias, published April 2010.
Bias Cover Bias Back Cover