The Arts Politic values creative and political thinking. The magazine focuses on solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics through content that creates a conversation among artists, activists, scholars, citizens and policymakers along the pendulum of social change and global civic responsibility. Our content covers cultural policy, arts activism and political art. Please read our publication before contacting us with an idea or submission.

Submissions should be sent by email to submissions@theartspolitic.com.

We welcome previously unpublished submissions of:

  • news briefs about recent arts policy decisions or arts/politics trends (500-1500 words)
  • opinion articles about recent cultural policy, arts advocacy or arts trends (750 – 1500 words)
  • political cartoons
  • open letters to policymakers about arts issues in your community (400-800 words)
  • profiles of emerging and established arts politics leaders such as political artists, policymakers affecting the arts, etc. (700-1200 words)
  • scholarly articles that deal with arts politics issues (2500 – 5000 words)
  • creative submissions (photography, visual art, visual essays, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, etc) that broach arts politics such as activist art, interventionist art, or work addressing a social/political issue or arts policy;
  • poetry, prose, or visual art in remembrance of artists, arts activists, and arts politicians
  • reviews of arts-politics-related music, theater, film and literature (700 – 1500 words)
  • posts for the online edition: briefs, profiles, reviews, narratives, opinion articles, creative prose or poetry, visual art or video.

Although each issue of The Arts Politic is framed by a theme, we accept any content at the intersection of arts and politics, regardless of theme. We encourage all submissions, especially those that underscore pressing arts political issues.

Issue 4

Theme: The Break

Submissions due: October 1, 2013


Issue 5

Theme: Education

Submissions due: October 1, 2014


Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be previously unpublished (Print and Web).
  • Submissions may be simultaneously submitted to other publications with the understanding that the submission should be withdrawn if it is chosen for publication by another journal or magazine.
  • The Arts Politic follows The Chicago Manual of Style and written submissions with citations should be formatted with endnotes, following The Manual’s guidelines
  • Submissions must be attached in the email as files in .DOC (for written submissions), .GIF, .JPF, or .PDF format only.
  • Submissions should be sent with the subject line “Submission:” followed by the title of the piece, and name of the author.
  • Image submissions must be no larger than 20MB file size; due to the format of our publication, images may be resized for publication.  No additional editing of any form will be authorized without consent of the creator.
  • All image submissions must be accompanied by a brief description of how the work relates to a political or social issue.
  • Full name and contact information must be provided with all submissions.  Additional brief biographical information is recommended, such as school, previous work experience, and previous publications.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation.
  • By submitting your work to The Arts Politic, you affirm that you are the original creator/author, and have read our Terms of Use, found below here:


1. Author ownership rights: the author retains the copyright to his/her submitted work and hereby grants The Arts Politic and the print-publisher of The Arts Politic, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to print, sell, publicly display and distribute for the duration of the issue, including the right to print, sell and distribute the work in electronic form.  Electronic form is defined herein as online or digital reproductions of the work.

2. Warranty and Indemnification: By submission of his/her work to The Arts Politic, the author hereby represents and warrants that the work is her original work of authorship, she is the valid owner of the copyright in the work, and the work does not infringe any third party’s copyrights.  The author shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Arts Politic from and against all costs, liability, claims, losses, damages, expenses or judgments arising out of any breach of representation of the author in this Agreement.

If you agree to the terms above, please send all submissions to submissions@theartspolitic.com

We consider each submission seriously.  Please remember that The Arts Politic is a magazine interested in solving problems at the intersection of arts and politics, so TAP into what makes your idea, your art, your advocacy work, your political take different from the status quo!

Thank you for your time, political lens, activism and art.